Multi-Level Impingement Freezer

Honoring its commitment to continuously innovate sustainable solutions, OctoFrost launched a new and unique product for the food processing industry – the Multi-Level Impingement Freezer.

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IQF Processing Solutions

We engineer, innovate and manufacture food processing equipment with a focus on the thermal processes of blanching, cooking, cooling, and IQF freezing.

IQF Tunnel Freezer

Fully adjustable airflow, exchangeable bedplates and a compact design are the key innovative features of the OctoFrost IQF Freezer which help you produce top quality IQF products.

Blanching and Chilling

With quick heat transfer through impingement and accurate temperature control, the color and bite of processed fruits and vegetables is enhanced with the OctoFrost Blancher and Chiller.

Shrimp Cooker

The latest technological innovation in shrimp processing, with full temperature control in each cooking zone, minimum protein loss and evenly-cooked shrimp.

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"Our freezing becomes very easy with OctoFrost™. We increase our capacity and our revenue. OctoFrost™ team works closely with us. We are very impressed."

Saji Rujireak
Preserve Agro Products Co.

"As an owner that actually personally uses these machines, the latest OctoFrost IF Cooker, is the one I like."

Sinchai Luesukprasert
Marine Gold Products

"The products look bright, fresh and free flowing."

Graham Reed
Managing Director Pinnacle Foods

"We are extremely pleased to have invested in this technology."

Mr. Fernando Prado
Responsible Division Berries Citromax SACI

"The freezer is easy to operate, even for unexperienced staff."

Jerome Fesselet
Production Manager Fruticola Olmue

"The separation of the product and appearance is excellent."

Ulf Olsson
Technical Manager Guldfageln

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