OctoFrost offers optimal processing equipment for processing IQf seafood – such as shrimp, langoustine and clams – designed to achieve the best final product while ensuring energy efficient processing, food safety and high yield for the processor.

IQF Freezer - Natural Appearance
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Natural Appearance

Full control over the cooking temperature in the IF Cooker is important for keeping product quality and yield high: no excessive curling, right color and texture, preserved taste and flavors. Followed by efficient chilling below 5°C in the OctoFrost™ IF Chiller, the cooking process is stopped immediately. Low infeed product temperature is crucial for a high quality IQF seafood product.

IQF Freezer - Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficiency

The rainshower and cross-flow systems, which are at the heart of the IF Cooker and Chiller, help achieve the quickest heat transfer while the recirculation system optimizes water consumption. The water in the OctoFrost™ IF Cooker is heated by means of direct steam injection, which is absorbed completely into the water for maximum energy efficiency. The adjustable fan speed of the IQF Freezer translates in even more significant energy savings.

IQF Freezer - High Yield
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High Yield 

Temperature of the shrimp’s surface remains below 80°C, which results in at least 1% yield gain compared to forced convection steam cooking. Relative to traditional steam cookers, the yield gain can reach 9%. Quick and efficient cooking and chilling, together with the unique aerodynamics of the OctoFrost™ Freezer, result into less snow formation when compared to other technologies, which means minimum dehydration and higher yield for the processor.

IQF Freezer - Reliable Food Safety
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Food Safety

OctoFrost™ equipment has been designed to exceed all international regulations on food safety and hygiene. CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) systems, open and cleanable designs and Aisi 316 stainless steel piping are among the food safety features of these machines. OctoFrost equipment guarantees 100% food safety regarding homogeneous cooking, resulting in no ‘undercooked’ meat or grey spots, even with small-sized peeled shrimp (PUD).


Cooking Technology

OctoFrost IF Cooker has the unique benefits of multiple temperature zones and precise temperature control for ensuring the best product quality. Accurate temperature control is crucial for high-quality seafood. This innovative solution brings true value to seafood processors:

  • Weighing belt for an even infeed into the cooker.
  • 3 temperature zones for optimal flexibility and control of the cooking process.
  • Energy efficient steam injection to heat the cooking water.
  • Cross-flow water circulation for quick cooking and smart water consumption.
  • 3 infeed possibilities for greatest flexibility in product variety; bulk, belt, and tray infeed.
  • Automatic Rejection Chute that prevents undercooked product from entering the chilling and freezing equipment in case of an unexpected temperature drop caused by a steam boiler failure.

Chilling Technology

The IF Chiller built by OctoFrost is based on impingement flash (IF) technology that achieves the quickest and most efficient heat transfer with its rainshower system. This innovative solution brings true value to seafood processors, which allows them to produce high quality IQF products:

  • Significantly faster heat transfer due to the impingement rainshower system.
  • Quick chilling with high flow of recirculated ice-cold water, which improves yield and product quality.
  • System temperature below 6°C to ensure food safety.
  • Low product temperature achieved for a premium IQF final product.

IQF Technology

The IQF technology, developed by Octofrost, has a number of unique features that bring real value to seafood processors all around the world:

  • Adjustable airflow for quick crust-freezing in the first freezing zone, which translates in no lump formation, good product separation and energy efficiency.
  • Exchangeable OctoFrost bedplates for gentle handling of soft products and quick and easy cleaning between different batches.
  • Overall easy-to-clean design for optimal food safety.

These are a just a few of the key benefits OctoFrost customers enjoy from this unique IQF tunnel Freezer. Learn more by clicking on the video above.

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